Live Webinar:

How to Control Your Data in an Unpredictable Environment

A Zadara webcast featuring data and analysis from IDC featuring insights from UnionBank digital transformation journey

January 28th, 4 PM MNL | 5 PM JST | 8AM GMT | 9AM CEST

Are you in control of your data?

Data is at the heart of IT operations and enterprises worldwide are changing how they think about their data storage systems. Software-defined, containerized, and cloud are just some of the technology paradigms enabling this shift. Each of these architectures has its own dynamics, but consistent among them is their ability to deliver infrastructure services in increasingly cost-efficient, scalable, and reliable means. This webinar explores these trends and their impact on enterprise data storage.


  • UnionBank - Henry Aguda - Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Chief Transformation Officer
  • IDC - Andrew Smith - Research Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • SANDZ - Henry Velasco , Managing Director 
  • Zadara - Rebecca Morgans - International Marketing Director 
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